Garden Cottage Retreat and Spirituality Centre
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Garden Cottage
Orchard and Apple House
Bridge of Earn
Perthshire PH2 9HN

Tel: 01738 813618
Garden Cottage


Garden Cottage, The Orchard and Apple House form a sacred space, a place for silence, prayer and for contemplating the experience of God in life.
Garden Cottage offers:
  • Retreats (residential and day retreats, retreats in daily life, 19th Annotation)
  • Spiritual Direction and Supervision
  • Workshops and Courses
  • Meditation
The centre is run by the Society of the Sacred Heart, an international congregation of women dedicated to God's work of transformation in all creation.

The Society's mission is to make known God's love whose source and symbol is the Heart of Christ.
To go into the presence of God
is like going into the freshness of the morning air.

Janet E. Stuart

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